FM-S型 : Fuji Multi Floor S / Air-Blow Model
Folding Storable Sports Floor
Fuji Multi Floor S /Air-Blow Model
"Collapsible Judo-Floor" Officially Recommended by All Japan Judo Federation

Product number : FM-S (Picture : Ehime Prefecture Martial Arts Hall)
The maximum feature of this model is an air blow surfacing device given to the floor. As a result, it is possible to set this machine, which weighs 15t and 15-meter corner, up at an arbitrary position by an only few power. Moreover, if two or more this machines are connected and used, the floor in the entire hall can be changed completely. It enables effective space utilization by sharing of the floor with another event.




Air Blow Surfacing Device
The mat distributed under the floor gushes air by the principle like the hovercraft and causes the film of air between the floor faces. Even though this film has only little thickness, it surely enables to float this machine. It can be easily moved by person's hand because this machine can suppress friction with the floor unlimitedly. In the installation location of this machine, there is no one "Fixed position". This makes unique layout possible and the charm of the all-round hall is raised further.

Freedom of Storage Place
The storage place is not limited to the same floor, by making the best use of the characteristic that it is possible to move easily even when stored it or when expanded, though this machine weighs 15 tons. In the example of this photograph, it is folded, moved by a large-scale elevator and stored in an underground silo. Large-scale Mechanism tends very often to be needed storage space with the same floor, but this machine can improve the degree of freedom of the storage plan and the design of the multipurpose hall.

An efficient damper is decoupled.
The stands supporting the floor panels use highly effective dampers. These help to soften the impact from "Ukemi".

Designed with gap-free folding section to ensure safety
The special construction of its folding sections makes it possible to lay out the mats without any gaps forming, thus ensuring safety by eliminating gap-induced injuries.

No contact between "Tatami" mat during storage ensures excellent sanitation.
The soft and clean feeling of the mat is kept, since it doesn't touch each other when stored.

A safety feature which pauses every 2 minutes
The timer that completely pauses operation at 2-minute intervals when running is built into, which prevents the accident by the unattended operation.
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